Annahahma Trabajaba

Someone told me recently that I talk in my sleep. I did not know that, and hearing that aroused my curiousity.

“Really? What do I say?”

He didn’t know, so I persisted with other questions.

“What do I sound like? Do I sound angry? Is it loud or soft? Like I’m talking to someone, or what? Are there any words you can understand?”

He told me it didn’t sound like English, but I was muttering something. Not angrily. It wasn’t shouting or moaning. It sounded like words, but he couldn’t make out what I was saying.

The conversation went on, and eventually we came to the conclusion that it sounded like conjugating verbs in Spanish.

Well, that explains why I can still get by in conversational Spanish after only studying a couple years in high school many, many years ago.

So now it’s morning and I’ve been up all night. Time for a nap. . .

Fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos fuisteis, fueron. . .

14 Bean Soup

I bought a one-pound bag of 14 bean soup mix. The directions began, “Rinse and sort beans.” That’s ridiculous. If they’re supposed to be sorted, why mix them all up in the first place? Took me all night, but I did it.

Most people would say, “Boil ’em all, and let God sort ’em out,” but not me. I endeavor to act with discernment.

And then I ate them all with equanimity.